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I am a software designer/senior developer with a particular interest in securing network connections, authentication mechanisms and protecting workstations. I actively participated in the design and implementation of several networking products (personal firewalls, VPN clients, network agents, Wi-Fi stack …). I worked in all aspects of Windows development including applications, services and network drivers. I am also an embedded software engineer (x86/x64/MIPS/ARM) and involved in cross-platform software development.

My technical skills cover:

    • Design and implementation of client/server applications, multithreading, secured protocols, system programming, code analysis.
    • Windows/Linux, networking (TCP/IP, sockets), PKI and certificates, authentication, cryptography.
    • Tools: C/C++, C#, Qt, WPF, MFC, Win32, DDK/WDK, SDK, OpenSSL, Git, SourceSafe, VMware …

My online CV is available on LinkedIn and on Viadeo.